Bronze Marsh Harrier symbolises Flevoland

Bronzen Kiekendief van Frans van der Ven, symbool van Flevoland

Bronze Marsh Harrier: symbol of Flevoland


The Bronze Marsh Harrier became Flevoland’s symbol, because, when southern Flevoland was uncovered (impoldered) in 1968, reed had been sown on a large scale in order to dry out and harden the seabed. Vast reedfields and the lack of development caused the return of the marsh harrier, which lives off frogs and young waterbirds. The Harrier, once threatened with extinction, has spread all over Europe!


On January 9th 1986 the Flevopolders were declared as province by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix. On that occasion she unveiled my statue of the Harrier in the hall of the provincial government building. It has become the mascot of our quite young province, which was looking for an identity. Until today my sculptures of The Marsh Harrier are used as a farewell gift, trophy, souvenir or relational gift. After the first version, the Marsh Harrier replica In the course of time some new versions arose: In 1996 The smaller Bronze Marsh Harrier  and the Pewter Marsh Harrier were added to the first Bronze resin Harrier. In 2014 the Silver Harrier hanger came to life.

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