Mission of Frans, sculptor of for instance animal portraits

About Frans

Fransvanderven werkt aan bronzen beelden

As a kid of 6 years old pick up everything from the street and at home turn it into installations avant la lettre: I didn’t have a clue that that was called sculpting. Only at the beginning of my second year at the academy taking Sculptural Design classes did I realise that this was what I wanted. It felt as if I had been doing this for ages and I decided on the spot that I would never have to look any further.

I love animals, thats why I like to depict them in my sculptures.

Working on commission for years resulted in me being a good listener:  You the story, me the imagination.

Our world is changing quickly, more than ever we need to know who we are, were we came from. Having a mental image of the group and culture we belong to gives us the stability we need to perform great deeds.

To examine our identities and depict them in my sculptures is my contribution to society.


Portraits of animals

Major part of my career was dedicated to portraying animals. By making animal portraits  I could regain contact with life. Early 2011 I turned back to portraying man, this time without the barriers that usually obstructed me at the beginning. This contact with life, that I got thanks to the animals and since 2006 to my grand children takes away all doubts that I might have had about keeping on making sculpture.

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